Our Company

Founded in 2012, Synergy Infotech Pty Ltd operates two businesses, SME Technology Solutions and NFP Technology Solutions.  Our aim is to provide both our SME and NFP clients with quality IT support and related services.

We bring over 55 years combined IT experience, working with our clients to provide realistic and cost effective solutions to their IT needs.  Our experience also extends across numerous industries including building and construction, real estate and property development, child care, professional services firms and marine related services.

We offer IT services to clients across Australia.

Brisbane Australia


Our team believes in being an integral part of our clients’ business to ensure the smooth operation of their IT processes and therefore the smooth operation of their business.  We work with our clients:

Take time to understand what is important to our clients’ business

To provide cost effective IT solutions

Manage IT related projects for smooth integration into the business

To budget for ongoing capital expenditure on IT needs