Employee Cber Awareness Training

SME Technology Solutions strongly believes that one of the biggest vulnerabilities to data security is presented through people. Countless data breach surveys have highlighted that data compromise is commonly caused from within an organisation. This is not suggesting that all organisation’s employ hackers or employees with criminal undertones. However, many data breaches are caused by users with poor IT security knowledge, or poor understanding of how to deal with digital data in general.

SME Technology Solutions provides on-site security awareness training for staff, which is tailored to meet your organisations requirements. We can provide pragmatic training structured to help protect your company’s data assets.

Cyber Awareness

Previously cyber-attacks, such as scam emails, where very obvious, with examples like ‘all your accounts are below to us’. These scams have become more sophisticated, with scammers taking advantage of people’s ignorance towards everyday life, such as federal police sending speeding fines, or they target people’s forgetfulness, ‘I can’t remember if I’m expecting a parcel or not’. Maybe you staff just aren’t technology savvy, and don’t realise that those security warnings Word or Excel are reporting about enabling macro’s, is something you should ask your IT about and not just click enable. Let SME Technology Solutions train you staff to be more Cyber aware. Don’t let simple ignorance cost you.

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Have Questions?

How informed are you about Cyber Security?

Cyber security is on everyone’s lips, with examples like CryptoLocker through to targeted attacks. Everyone needs to be aware of the risks. Awareness and a handful of preventative measures will greatly reduce your chances of becoming a victim. Let SME Technology Solutions help you become more informed.

Do you have a Cyber plan for now and into the future?

It’s all well and good to have a Cyber plan for the here and now. How does your company address emerging threats? Do you have a regular review process? SME Technology Solutions can help you with the threats of today, as well as tomorrow.

Hackers exploit staff ignorance. How Cyber knowledgably are your staff?

The weakest point on your network is the human element. In the Cyber sector this is known as social engineering. Convince someone to run that attachment, insert that USB stick, click that link etc. and the hacker is most of the way there. Let SME Technology Solutions keep your staff up-to-date on the latest human exploits, and you will have taken a big step to securing your network against hackers.

Is your organisation following Cyber industry standards and best practises?

Many businesses don’t even realise that there are a number of industry standards surrounding Cyber. These standards are created and maintained by industry leaders such as Microsoft and the NSA, and greatly reduce your chances of being compromised. Let SME Technology Solutions put you on track towards adhering to Cyber industry standards.