Modern businesses, both big and small, hold a large amount of data and must think carefully about how they are protected against the myriad of threats.

While using online systems has greatly streamlined the way in which companies operate, it has also made them targets for cybercriminals.

The loss of data can have a devastating effect to both a company’s ability to trade as well as its reputation. You are also required by law to report any Cyber breaches. Organise a Security Review today.

Cyber Security Laws

With the Australian government recently tightening laws relating to disclosure of Cyber related breaches, more and more businesses are required to fully disclose any cyber related breaches. Does your company have all the latest updates and patches? Who has access to your systems? Where are passwords stored? Do staff have access to install software? Do your staff use Drobox to share file with clients? These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself. A standard retail store wouldn’t open its doors these days without security camera’s, tags & scanners, undercover security guards etc, though many companies open their systems up to abuse, without even a thought of their business risks, the risks to their clients and their legal risks. Have SME Technology Solutions conduct a security review today. Don’t be left standing there, asking yourself ‘how did this happen’.

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Have Questions?

How old is your IT equipment?

Dated IT equipment was never intended to handle the level of sophistication that today’s attack exhibit, along with manufactures no longer providing updates, your business could be sitting on a time bomb that is waiting to be exploited by hackers. SME Technology Solutions will help to keep your equipment up-to-date.

How secure is your network?

How secure is your network? Do you have a standard home router providing internet to your company? No longer can companies be complacent when it comes to security on their network. SME Technology Solutions can assist you implementing a router with active IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) and IDS (Instruction Detection System), along with a cloud managed End Point Antivirus solution.

How secure is your wireless access?

How secure is your wireless? What encryption does your wireless use? Do you allow guests to connect or allow staff to connect their devices? SME Technology Solutions can help you secure your wireless network, while not inconveniencing your staff or guests.

Who has access to your system?

Who has access to your system? What level of access do they have? Should these people even have access? SME Technology Solutions can help you tighten your security, whether it be contractors that needed access for a day or two, staff who were given access temporarily, or ex staff members who still have active accounts’.