SEO is an umbrella term for all the methods you can use to ensure the visibility of your website on search engines.

Search engine optimisation is the process of implementing detailed strategies for your website to be seen when a local search is conducted for what it is you do.

Successful SEO strategy is paramount in any business’s web presence. Properly executed SEO techniques will bring your website increased exposure, recognition, and will generate free traffic. Our goal is to help you achieve a successful web presence by receiving targeted search engine traffic and directing their interest to your products or services.

Social media is an important source of traffic for many sites.  For some it can generate more traffic than traditional search results.  Social media integration and optimisation is therefore very important for any website owner.  We provide a range of packages and customised services to meet your social media marketing needs.


SEO - Search Engine Optmisation

We can help you increase your website’s ranking in search engine results by ensuring your content and images are optimised correctly.

  • – Keyword Usage
  • – Meta Description
  • – Page Title Tags
  • – Keyword Density
  • – Image Optimisation
  • – Image Names & ALT tags
  • – Yoast SEO installation
  • – XML Sitemap creation
  • – Auto Sitemap submission

Social Media Set Up

Social media is an important source of traffic for many sites. For some it can generate more traffic than traditional search results.

  • – Setup LinkedIn Account
  • – Setup Twitter Account
  • – Setup Google+ Account
  • – Setup Facebook Account (Business Page)
  • – Setup Instagram Account
  • – Set up account profiles with your logo, background, and profile texts
  • – Show you how to log in, read, and update your pages

Starting at $550.00


Basic Social Media Service

Basic integration includes the ability to display feeds from your social media profile on your website.

  • – Basic Facebook integration
  • – Basic Instagram integration
  • – Basic Twitter integration
  • – Basic Google+ integration
  • – Basic LinkedIn integration
  • – Email marketing integration
  • – Social media optimisation training

Advanced Social Media Service

Advanced integration includes the ability to automatically publish your blog posts directly to your social media accounts as well as displaying feeds from these profiles.

  • – Advanced Facebook integration
  • – Advanced Twitter integration
  • – Advanced Google+ integration
  • – Advanced LinkedIn integration
  • – Implement integration with other Social Media sites
  • – Email marketing integration
  • – Optimise your WordPress site for social media crawlers
  • – Social media optimisation training