SME Technology Solutions staff provide helpful, easy to understand solutions to your IT support needs. Our helpdesk system allows client to track their jobs, view walkthrough’s via the portal and receive immediate updates as their job progresses.

SME Technology Solutions staff are happy to look after your IT needs from end-to-end. No more looking up contact details of different technology providers. Be treated like the enterprises, have that one point of contact for all your IT needs.

Affordable-Reliable Office Support

Remote & Onsite IT Support and maintenance

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Peace of Mind Help Desk Support

24/7 Help Desk support, monitoring and maintenance.

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Your IT Roadmap Managed Services

Proactive Monitoring, Preventative IT Maintenance

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Is your IT looking out for your company’s needs?

Many IT companies react when contacted, rather than providing guidance towards the emerging technologies that would be suit your business. Often, moving to these new technologies, such as Office 365, provides your company with a more secure, reliable and cheaper solutions, than if you remained on yesterday’s systems.

Does your IT provider adhere to international standards as set out but companies such as Microsoft?

Many IT companies, believe ‘they know best’, or ‘it’s just too much hassle’ to follow the Best Practises of the large IT firms, such as Microsoft. These guidelines are there to reduce risk and downtime for your business. This also allows other technologies to be installed into your system without hours of tedious ‘hacking’ to get things talking.

Does your IT provider have the expertise to migrate you to the best solution for your company?

SME Technology Solutions, has the expertise to support your existing environment, while also the capabilities to migrate you to emerging technologies, allowing your business to leverage the best solutions available.

Does your IT provider provide you with 1, 2, & 3yr forecasts?

SME Technology Solutions, provides you with 1, 2 and 3yr IT expenditure forecasts, allowing you to plan for IT expenditures. As with any business, being able to plan for future expenses, prevents possible cashflow problems. Let SME Technology Solutions assist with planning your company’s future.