SME Technology Solutions is here to help you and your organisation wade through the complicated and jargon filled world of cloud computing. Cloud computing is really just a way of referencing anything that is stored or run from the internet. A website is cloud computing, sending an email from your gmail account is cloud computing, hosting your entire infrastructure including servers, firewalls etc in a datacentre is cloud computing.

As you can see cloud computing is a vast and complicated subject. The friendly, knowledgeable people at SME Technology Solutions will guide you and your company through the endless array of options, providing an optimised, tailored solution that meets not only your current needs, but also future requirements.

Office 365 / G-Suite Email Hosting

Fast, Secure Cloud based email solutions

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Fast-Low Maintenance Online Storage

critical remote/onite support, monitoring and maintenance.

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Considering the Cloud? Cloud Migration

Reliable cloud services to replace your in-house servers

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Whats is "The Cloud" ?

The term Cloud is another name for the Internet. In other words, if it’s stored, processed, loaded from the internet, then it in the Cloud. The Cloud allows companies to centralise their business, leveraging enterprise level technologies from anywhere in the world, while reducing the risks and cost associated with an in-office server infrastructure.

What types of Cloud Services are available?

With the growing number of traditional software companies moving their products to the cloud, making the transition is now easier than ever. Some examples of popular cloud based applications and software suites include:

– Microsoft Office 365
Adobe Creative Suite
– Googles G-Suite
– Quickbooks
– Xero
– Salesforce
– Dropbox
– Mailchimp

Are Cloud based services more expensive?

No, in most cases moving to cloud computing can drastically reduce the cost of managing and maintaining your IT systems. Rather than purchasing expensive systems and equipment for your business, you can minimise your costs by using cloud based resources.

What are the advantages of Cloud Computing?

We believe cloud computing increases efficiency, helps improve cash flow and offers many more benefits including:

– Flexibility
– Disaster recovery
– Automatic software updates
– Capital-expenditure Free
– Increased collaboration
– Work from anywhere
– Document control
– Security