Get your Network & Servers running like an Enterprise.

Making sure that your network is not only running smoothly but efficiently can be an arduous task at the best of times. At SME Technology Solutions we not only do initial installs, we can diagnose and optimise your current infrastructure.

Maintaining a stable, smooth running network environment reduces downtime, increases staff morale and streamlines future modifications or expansions. All this equates to increased cost savings through reduced downtime and increased staff productivity.


remote support, monitoring and maintenance.

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Enterprise Support PREMIUM NETWORK

critical remote/onsite support, monitoring and maintenance.

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WIFI Networks Wireless Solutions

Wireless network planning and implementation

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Are you getting the most from your internet?

SME Technology Solutions can assess your setup, recommending changes to not only configuration, but also hardware and even your internet connection. Simple things, such as upgrading to an Ethernet internet connection or prioritising certain traffic, can make a big difference, allowing pages to load faster, reducing the time your staff are idly waiting at their browser.

Are you using business grade hardware?

Many businesses start out with home grade equipment as it’s quick and easy. SME Technology Solutions can move you to business grade network hardware without breaking the bank. Hardware such as this can provide IDS (Intrusion Detection System) and IPS (Intrusion Prevention System), or segmenting off potentially dangerous connections such as wifi guests or IoTs (Internet of Things) devices.

Does your network adhere to industry standard?

Many companies ignore the fact that industry standards have been created to minimise issues with your network. Let SME Technology Solutions make sure you network complies to industry standards.

Is your network monitored?

Network monitoring doesn’t have to break the bank. Reduce potential downtime. Talk to SME Technology Solutions about our industry standard monitoring solutions.