Unexpected server emergencies are hard to predict, but if something happens SME Technology Solutions is on-hand, always there when you need us.

Server Management is part of our Proactive Managed IT Services. SME Technology Solutions provides Server installation, upgrades, maintenance, monitoring and migration services for small businesses to enterprise environments.

Server Management increases your server life time and insure reliability and security for your mission critical server hosted application

Affordable-Reliable Essential Server

Basic remote support, monitoring and maintenance

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Fast-Low Maintenance Premium Server

Critical remote/onsite support, monitoring and maintenance.

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Manged Virtual Servers Data CENTRE

Reliable cloud services to replace your on-premises servers

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Have Questions?

Do you we need a server?

Whether or not you need a dedicated in-house or hosted server depends on your requirements. For example, your business has grown and your data requirements have grown as well, your business has specialised applications that require a server to operate, and specific legislation requirements that may affect where your data can be store. SME Technology Solutions can assist you in assessing your business needs.

What options do I have if I don’t want a server?

If your business does not require a server, cloud based solutions could be an option. This can include having hosted emails (eg. Office 365) and one of the many hosted cloud storage solutions that are available.

What infrastructure is required for an in-house server?

To have an in-house server, a business will need a dedicated secure server room with its own air-conditioning. This helps to ensure that the server is not tampered with, while maintaining controlled temperature conditions. Let SME Technology Solutions assist you with your on-premises server infrastructure.

What maintenance costs come with a server?

Servers are the driving force of a business. Regular maintenance will be required on any server. This includes software updates, anti-virus updates/scans, firmware updates, and physical maintenance such as ensuring the servers internals are operating at 100%. Preventative maintenance is the key. Let SME Technology Solutions maintain and monitor your server infrastructure.